Yali Klemm


'Plastic Party' is an exploration into recycling and experimentation using discarded PVC plastic from popped pool floaties. Plastic Party includes a collection of loomed and hand-woven swatches resulting with a final length turned tote bag. The aim is to showcase that up-cycling can still be colourful, fashionable and functional, and is for anyone who wants to keep those aesthetics while being sustainable.


Creations of brightly coloured woven swatches inspired by playful summer pool party decor and design. By incorporating confetti, ribbons and streamers within the swatches ensure a continuation of summer fun in an alternative way.  

Bright and bold colours were used such as pinks, reds, black, white and a forest green as these were based on the colours of the pool toys. Additionally, sky blues and a sunny yellow were included to complete the rainbow.


Keep the pool party going by transforming old loved pool toys into new products, and to be able to retain that summer feeling all year round.

Yali Klemm

Yali Klemm is a textile designer/artist based in Melbourne who has graduated from Bachelor of Textiles (Design) at RMIT. She has always had an interest in art, which grew into a love for textiles.

Her design work is about sharing happiness by creating brightly coloured art full of positive vibes, inspired by her childhood nostalgia and love for retro design movements. Her art focuses on texture, collage, abstract and geometric design, all created in a vibrant rainbow colour palette. With a passion for weaving, she likes to experiment, explore and upcycle with a range of different materials, mediums and techniques throughout her design process.