Staci Barr


The project 'Hidden Treasures' is a collection of woven and embroidered textile treasures. Based on the past project 'Golden Seams', this project carries out further exploration of the new technique chain lace by discovering ways that it can be combined with woven textiles. Inspired by quotes taken from the book “Emotionally Durable Design" by Jonathan Chapman, this project aimed to develop pieces made with care and that would have a lasting connection with the owner.


Inspired by secret gardens, delicate florals and soft textures, many of the pieces have hidden or layered details in which to entice the viewer by slowly revealing themselves the more they are looked at. By using weaving techniques and chain lace the collection creates a treasure trove of textile swatches that are treasured for generations.

Staci Barr

Staci Barr is a textile designer and maker based in Melbourne. Having had fun learning about and working with many techniques, Staci has developed a passion for weaving and embroidery, producing highly considered pieces with delicate details. Her collections frequently have strong concepts behind them to make each piece meaningful. Often inspired by delicate and soft florals she loves to play with colour, details and precise techniques while experimenting with weaving and embroidery techniques. Staci is continually using her love of learning and strong attention to detail to help her develop new and exploratory designs.