Sophie Yencken


In the midst of this global pandemic, resources and production around the world are under a lot of pressure. The new normal of homebound lifestyles will accelerate the rise of DIY garment aftercare through the use of reducing, Repairing and repurposing becoming a significant strategy for design and consumption.

'Post Pandemic Positivity' is an up-cycled collection for the conscious consumer that enjoys unique, one-of-a-kind materials, and are not afraid to express themselves through the D.I.Y movement. 

This collection explores new, bespoke and collaborative ways to connect and recycle textiles into unique materials and beautiful embellished designs to not only survive but also thrive...

The collection itself intercepts discarded clothing and waste, reclaims, re-cuts and refashions, returning the item to the clothing stream. All embellished flowers, sequins and beads are hand cut from recycled cans and waste wrappers, in return effectively creating a new loop, postponing its grave ending.

Sophie Yencken

Welcome… to my creative mind.


I am Sophie, I describe myself as a multidisciplinary textile artist and designer based in Melbourne, Australia.


Having grown up surrounded by energetic creativity in the lively city of Melbourne and spending my weekends down the coast next to the sea I was constantly surrounded by inspiration through the lens of photography. As soon as school had finished, I was drawn to pick up my camera and jet-set off to Europe for 6 months and this is when my eyes opened up to a whole new world. Through my camera lens, I captured radiant colours, decorative tiles, fashion, the beaming lights of sunrises and sunsets, blooming florals on the coastline and simple textures.


Upon returning to Australia I commenced a Degree in Design Communication, and Photography I began to realise that it wasn’t the theories, techniques, and practices of photography I enjoyed capturing the details within the composition that inspired my love for pattern and colour. I had a light bulb moment and began studying textiles and this is where my brain really began to thrive, and my unique creative abilities were born. 


Working for a range of retail brands and completing a Bachelor of Textiles (Design) through RMIT with a focus on print design and embellishment, I have always desired to explore and push materials, re define fashion and break the rules through re-use and upcycling materials.