Nanthita Gandhi


'Summer Hour' is a textile print-focused homewares collection designed for the middle-end market. Inspired by the Royal Botanic Gardens, it merges illustration and bright colours to create an authentic and a playful bed linen collection with a range of bold, abstracted floral motifs and check print designs that would sit-well amongst homeware designer brands such as Linen House and Ink & Spindle.


Summer Hour highlights the cross-over from paper to fabric and translating painted illustrations into a bed linen collection whilst staying true to the initial mark-making process. Furthermore, it explores innovative measurable prospects and contexts in textiles and embraces digital printed technologies and zero-waste policies as sustainable solutions

Nanthita Gandhi

Nanthita was born in Bangkok, Thailand and studied at RMIT University. Focusing on the art of screen printing, she regards textile design as an opportunity to work with colour and a new method to express herself through speech.


She has worked from an art-based practice through to fashion, illustration, and homewares utilising multidimensional practices to explore, colour and graphic motifs using gouache as a painting medium. Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful with bold colour and linear element’s a key reference. Colour theory holds great interest and are often referenced in her work with elements exploring nature, architecture and animals.


She celebrates the subtle variations of printing, exploring the layering of colour and graphic elements alongside structure and hand drawn forms. Her current work marks the exhibit of forces of nature, movement, spaces and colour. Negative space and line work maps and reflects her fascination with the patterns and colour of everyday life.