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Muskaan Gupta


My work is all about mixing the Indian culture art forms with a slight essence of Melbourne, reflected through the colour palette. For this collection, the hand drawn digital designs are a fusion of two different Indian art forms found in two different parts of India; Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The application for this project and most of my designs are concentrated towards the homewares industry. Me as a designer and a customer knows how the homewares around us affect our moods and decisions, hence I would love to be a part of it and bring in some underrated cultural art forms into my work, that deserve more of our attention.

The title for my project ‘GHAR’ is the Hindi (my mother tongue, Indian language) word for home. Considering the fact that my collection is inspired by Indian art forms and my collection focuses on homeware products, this title suits my work the best.

My maximalist style of working matches well with my outgoing personality. My Indian art form inspired work reflects my upbringing ; which concludes on how my work, my passion is technically my life, assuring realistic emotions, emerging from every single piece of design of mine.

Muskaan Gupta

Born in India, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Brought up in a culture-filled background, where art and colour are the essence of every occasion. Years of manufacturing and sales of sequins running in her family business gave Muskaan the motivation to pursue art and let her imagination flow into the work of textile design.

Muskaan mixes her knowledge of Indian art forms with the Australian design market to create patterns and illustrations that have a niche buyer, but enjoyed by all maximalist lovers. Inclined towards graphics, her designs have unique placements, with intricate, Indian culture-inspired motifs. Her overlapping, maximalist designs, with contrasting tints off colours, reflecting her outgoing personality have been noticed by several homeware designers, both in India and in Australia.

Muskaan has created her personal identity by portraying her unique work in exhibitions held in Melbourne. With contacts from India and Australia, she wishes to spread her imagination into the vast world of homewares.