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Millie Jerman


'Amphibian' aims to push boundaries, encourage conversations and ideas around commercial textile design. Through the work, designer Millie Jerman explores her own values surrounding purposeful, considered and sustainable design.


Taking an innovative approach to commercial fashion, the inspiration for the collection stems from the urgent need to highlight the environmental and ethical questions surrounding the current state of animal extinction rates globally. Particularly one species is feeling the impact hardest, amphibians, with half of all amphibians worldwide at risk of extinction. Millie seeks to bring awareness to this pressing issue through a spring/summer textile collection for fashion, placed within a western family market. Taking inspiration from the naturally occurring patterns, textures and colours found on amphibians and reptiles the designs offer a direct connection to their muses.


Within a commercial setting, Amphibian offers a possible partnership between an established brand and a conservation organisation, to raise awareness and funding to aid in the conservation of threatened amphibians.

Millie Jerman

Keep it simple and just relax is Melbourne creative Millie Jerman’s motto. Millie’s work explores her values of transparency, minimalism, sustainability, innovation, and fun.


Through her strong signature style, she celebrates colour, texture and contrast. Growing up Millie’s creative side was nurtured, her interests in primary years included designing clothes, painting and embroidery. At the age of sixteen Millie was pattern making and sewing, exploring the realm of culturally influenced mixed media art, and the outcome possibilities of digital design.


Completing a Bachelor of Textiles (Design) at RMIT was the natural progression for Millie to further her understanding of textiles and combine her already established creative skillset. Millie’s expertise lay within surface, fashion and graphic design. A broad skillset means Millie has a wide lens view to art and design, this gives her a strong interest in trend forecasting, creative direction and product development. She aspires to create things that have purpose, are loved and work alongside individuals that align with her values.