Meg Sears


As a result of the global pandemic, the recent extreme Melbourne lockdown measures allowed us to leave the house for only one hour every day. 'The Landscape of Time' was inspired by long, lingering walks by the Merri Creek and surrounds which provided an endless source of design inspiration. I aimed to reflect the soothing, calming qualities nature provided me during these difficult times within my collection Akam Puram (Inside: Outside). 

Heavily textured backgrounds layered with richly coloured abstract and irregular-scaled motifs mimic the raw and honest qualities found in nature. Designing for lifestyle, Akam Puram is a collection designed to suit a variety of applications – bespoke fashion pieces, soft homewares, upholstery and interior fittings such as floor coverings, wallpaper and wall-hangings that aim to provide a sense of comfort, joy and escapism within the home. 

Meg Sears

Melbourne-based textile artist and designer Meg Sears has spent her creative life living in Western Australia, Europe and now Melbourne. Meg studied Contemporary Fashion and Visual Arts at Edith Cowan University in Perth, more recently Bachelor of Textiles (Design) at RMIT in Melbourne. 

Meg’s diverse, sustainable approach to her design work sees her working intuitively with natural dyes and applying fabric manipulation techniques to recycled fabrics and pre-loved garments to create large-scale soft sculptures. 

Meg’s digital and surface design for fabrics are designs for lifestyle, creating heavily textured and layered fabrics for diverse application from bespoke fashion pieces to soft homewares and rugs. 

Her fresh ideas in design see her exploring new material possibilities as she grows her own Kombucha Scoby leather fabric. The unique outcomes aim to question our view of the world, how we produce, consume and the impact our actions have on the earth. The hope is to stimulate new perspectives within these practices so that we can design sustainably for the future.