Maggie Bullen


My design work is about creating joyful patterns out of bright colours, geometric and natural motifs. I aim to connect people to the world around them through themes of self-expression and playful experimentation, urging them to appreciate the magical qualities of the hand made. My evolution as a designer and my journey as a student developing a deeper sense of artistic expression is what fuels my imagination. 


'Keep It Quirky' is an innovative project aimed at creating sustainable fashion through personalising existing products. Keep It Quirky takes old apparel items such as t-shirts and pants and up-cycles them into fun, new garments with a personal touch. This collection includes a hand-woven top, up-cycled jacket sleeves made from old tracksuit pants, a fabric collage skirt and re-designed pants with jersey knit highlights. All items can be mixed and matched to suit the occasion.

Maggie Bullen

Maggie has always been a creative individual – interested in art, craft, dance and drama from an early age, she kept her artistic side growing throughout high school and beyond.


After a semester-long stint at Sydney University where she studied History and Japanese in 2015, Maggie decided to leave university to undertake an acting contract at Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka, in 2017. When her contract was up, it was time to move to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Textiles (Design) at RMIT. Without much knowledge of what textiles even involved, Maggie began the degree and instantly fell in love with the hands-on nature of design. She enjoyed screen painting, machine knitting and loom weaving in particular, and appreciated the knowledge she garnered surrounding fibres, fabrics, and the textiles industry that underpins her conceptual ideas.


Maggie was lucky enough to participate in a semester-long exchange to North Carolina State University (USA) in the second half of 2019 where she experienced a much more technical approach to textiles design. This exchange fuelled her interest in design and travel and impacted on her creative outlook during her final year of study. Maggie now concentrates on developing her signature style and communicating her personal journey through art and textiles.