Jess Hall


'Imaginary Science' is a collection of scarves by artist Jess Hall, based on works on paper created for the exhibition, made using watercolour and ink. The collection, in two parts, Soma and Arthropod, comprises of digitally printed scarves in silk crepe de chine and cotton voile.  The scarves follow a well-loved tradition of artists’ collaborations with fashion.  


This collection uses botanical, insect and cellular imagery.  Exploring the space between art and science, and the use of intensive hand-made processes, the collection uses hybrid forms to articulate an imaginary science.  Imagined life forms are created from the influence of Australian and European flora, producing hybrid, biomorphic shapes that are joined together through repetition and pattern.  The designs are a celebration of the imagination and nature, and reflect a love of painting, drawing and pattern.   

Jess Hall

Jess Hall is a multi-disciplinary artist working with painting, drawing and embroidery. Training as a painter, printmaker and a textile designer, the work explores liminal spaces between art and craft and art and science; looking to these influences to explore tactility and materiality. Underpinning all painting and textile work is a descriptive drawing practice.  Jess’ work has been purchased for private and public collections and has featured in numerous art prizes, group and solo exhibitions. 


This collection of scarves is an extension of Jess’ art practice, a way of bringing art and a love of drawing and painting into an everyday item; art that can be worn and cherished. All designs begin as works of art that are exhibited. These works are then reimagined as textile designs and made into scarves.