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Jess Carrubba


Jessica praises nature in both her textile and decorating work by creating designs based on wildlife and favouring the use of earthy materials such as natural timber and stone. By doing this, she hopes to show others that they are a part of nature too.


Jessica aims to share with her audience the revitalising and empowering benefits of spending time outdoors.

Jess Carrubba

Growing up in the cultural capital of Australia, Jessica loved early morning train rides into Melbourne’s CBD where she could spend the day spying on the best dressed, eating lunch in the beautiful gardens and attending countless exhibitions on art and fashion.


All through high school, Jessica favoured the subjects that she could show the most amount of creativity in. After graduation, she found the perfect university course to study which included both illustration and design. She finished her studies at RMIT, gaining a Bachelor of Textiles (Design) and is pursuing her passion for interior decorating by running a small freelance business on the side of her part-time job.