Jayde McDonald


'Winters Blooming' is a collection of creative work reacting to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 global pandemic. With all respect to the restrictions in place to keep us safe, it has nevertheless been a challenging and isolating time.  People are yearning for connection with family and friends and dreaming of the days they can be together again. 

The inspiration for my work was a process of finding joy in the use of what was available during the winter months of the lockdown in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs. 

Design outcomes are intended to be used in celebration as printed textiles, napery products and tableware, things that are things that are meant to get messy. The bold and dense colours are designed to hide stains, all items are intended for multiple uses. 

It is a sustainable, focused design with long term use in mind. The bright, but contrasting use of colour transcends seasonal use and can be enjoyed at all times of the year. Designs are intended to bring everyone together again, through dinner parties and shared dining experiences. 

Jayde McDonald

Originally from country Victoria, Jayde McDonald grew up with strong creative influences in her family, who fostered a love of art and craft-making from an early age. Work opportunities took her to Melbourne where she has now been for a little over 10 years.


Whilst progressing through a corporate career her creative interests were pursued through her hobbies, which include visiting galleries & museums, crafting and making jewellery. Her jewellery making progressed into its own small business venture that opened her eyes to the possibility of making her love of creating her full-time focus.


Now studying a Bachelor of Textiles (Design) she has found a way to combine her love of art with a passion for hand making.  She strives to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle with meaningful design, creating joyful works that have a narrative.