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Isabella Buratto


This range is inspired by the fruit and colours of Sicily from where Isabella's family originate from. Isabella's inspiration comes from the flowers in the beautiful gardens in Taormina, citrus fruits and majolica tiles from Palermo, and the vibrant, lively and ornate Sicilian carts that are symbolic of Sicilian tradition and folklore. Her modern approach to the project incorporates these motifs and colours, as a way to celebrate her culture and the energetic, summery Sicilian life. 


This summer dining ware range inspired by the warm and spirited aura of Sicily, is perfectly suited to create a vacation-like feel to your meal and table setting. Due to travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, enjoying your dining experience at home has never been more pronounced. This Sicilian inspired range looks to create family memories at home for you and your loved ones.

Isabella Buratto

Isabella Buratto is an emerging Melbourne-based designer. She creates a sense of connectivity with storytelling using her distinctive handwriting style. Her work includes an abundance of colour and an array of techniques, making it extremely versatile for application across many industries.


Her exploration of painting and colour is closely connected to the natural environment. She works with water-based materials such as gouache and watercolour and is inspired by her neighbourhood surroundings. She also uses her photography to develop vibrant visuals that have a strong use of composition, many of which result in lively botanical designs. She is aware of the need for sustainability and the importance of being ethically conscious in her everyday practice.


At RMIT, Isabella developed specific knowledge and technical skills in a variety of areas majoring in screen printing, giving her the confidence and ability to create design repeats using colour theory and CAD techniques.