Holly Stewart


My work is all about fun, colour and spreading happiness through textiles and art. 

I believe that spending time outdoors surrounded by nature is one of the most important elements to leading a happy life. This has inspired my grad collection 'Afternoon Tea Party' which is all about friends and family, connecting over a cup of tea. 

From a young age, my family and I would go for picnics in the park or backyard, and make daisy chains. I wanted to capture this moment in my designs, taking motifs from antique china and afternoon tea time snacks along with garden florals. All designs started with hand-rendered paintings using gouache and watercolour, then were developed on CAD to create colourful and fun repeat patterns.

This spring/summer range features a wide variety of beautiful bespoke kids wear perfect for adventure and curiosity. Starring four delicious different stories, suitable for homewares, fashion and accessories. 

Holly Stewart

Holly Stewart is a textile design artist with a passion for creating. Growing up in Melbourne’s Bayside Holly was always surrounded by art, nature, beautiful parks and beaches, this is where her desire to engage in the creative world began. 


From a young age, Holly always had a desire to create and make, spending many hours drawing, painting and trying different mediums. This passion grew throughout her schooling where she was driven to the arts sector excelling in her Viscom and Studio Arts subjects through her final years. This led Holly to the Bachelor of Textiles (Design) where she enjoyed learning and refining her skills and developing her own hand writing as a textile designer. 


Since starting at RMIT, Holly discovered a love for the creative process. Bringing to life her hand rendered designs, that were inspired by a concept and theme, through to fun and colourful patterns suitable for fashion, homewares and accessories.