Gloria Yang


Parenting today has become a difficult, complex and exhausting work. Also, kids’ playing ground has changed from countryside to city, children get happiness which is brought by the electronic products rather than the charm of nature and beautiful fairy tales.


Aim to bring mildness and pleasure to both babies and parents through textiles, summer wonderland explored a range of lovely print designs and a storybook for kids and nursery room, giving both kids and parents a delightful space to rest and play.


Designed and made for spreading love and pleasure, summer wonderland can be mixed and matched in different types of kids’ room. It embraces the cute aesthetic and celebrates the charm of illustration, giving both kids and parents a special experience.

Gloria Yang

Born in China, currently living in Melbourne, Gloria Yang is a textile designer motivated and inspired by the natural world. Spending most of her childhood with her grandma, Gloria grew up appreciating the animals and flowers in her grandma’s garden. In her imagination a fairyland began to emerge.

After years of study in Bachelor of Textiles (Design) at RMIT, she became “deeply addicted to textile design” and delighted in digital printing and screen printing, working from hand-rendered and digital illustrations.

Gloria’s fantasy world has not only captured the beauty of the countryside, but also Australian local creatures. She mainly creates pattern and prints suitable for the nursery and kids’ room such as homeware, wallpaper, and she also illustrates children’s books.

Gloria’s excitement for small animals and her passion for textile design helps her spread love to the world.