Chloe Hamilton-Smith


‘Native Seaside’ is a collection of textile and ceramic concepts that are inspired by a laid back Australian lifestyle and beach culture. They are intended for a range of commercial lifestyle products. The motif inspiration has been taken from Australian native coastal flora. It aims to capture a calm and coastal feel, whilst still having an element of playfulness. These textile concepts hope to inspire the audience to appreciate the beautiful landscapes that we have here in Australia, whilst we are unable to travel overseas due to the pandemic.


All textile designs started as hand painted gouache flowers, which were scanned and digitally developed into repeat patterns. Some flowers which have particularly influenced these motifs have been the Geraldton Wax flower, Mulla Mulla flower, Boobialla, Coastal Daisies and Velvet Bush. These textile patterns were digitally printed onto cotton and linen fabrics, and given subtle details through hand embroidery.


The ceramics pieces were hand built using the coiling method or slab building method, with BRT clay. All of the ceramic pieces were hand painted with liquid underglaze and went through two rounds of firing, receiving a clear glaze between the firing rounds.

Chloe Hamilton-Smith

Chloe Hamilton-Smith is a textile designer based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Growing up on the coast Chloe has always been surrounded by an abundance of natural elements. These are where her fresh design style originates. Chloe gathers inspiration on walks along the peninsula, taking photos and collecting fresh and dried flowers.


Chloe works across a range of mediums including gouache, digital methods, screen printing, woven textiles, hand embroidery and also ceramics. Chloe has had a love for painting and designing textiles for both fashion and interiors.