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Brenda Sharpe


'Spore' is an exploration into creativity & nature, and how both can be used to enhance our wellbeing. With a focus on sustainability and slow design, the collection utilises rescued materials to interpret the beauty of the surrounding microscopic world.


Comforting colours, organic patterns and soothing haptics invite an elevated connection with our senses through embroidered, embellished and digitally printed outcomes.

Brenda Sharpe

Brenda is a designer with particular interests in digital textile print and surface embellishment. She creates ‘organic geo’ prints which are noted for their adaptability to both fashion and homewares. Her experience as a graphic designer provides a strong grounding in illustration and technical skills, both of which are evident in her work.


During semester breaks she travelled to Thailand and Vietnam to meet the local artisans and explore their traditional textile making.  She’s hoping to incorporate similar travels into her future holidays whenever possible.


A growing interest in trend forecasting is supported by a background in human behaviour studies and psychology.