Anna Tsintziropoulos


‘Simple Pleasures’ is a collection of everyday wearables, home accessories, and artworks designed for everyday people. Anna’s range of hand-illustrated textile designs and paper-based artworks, are intended to bring joy and positivity into the world. The works are aimed to spark the senses with their tactile elements, playful colours and nostalgic imagery. Inspired by plants, animals, food, human connection and relationships, Simple Pleasures encourages others to delve into the hopeful world presented before them, that accentuates the beauty of their surroundings and experiences. 

The concept for Simple Pleasures was dreamt up by Anna’s curious nature, and her mission to find beauty in the uncertainty of life. Located in Melbourne throughout a global pandemic and a six month, statewide lockdown, she used her time to connect with herself and her immediate surroundings. By going on trail walks, observing flowers and plants, cooking, eating and staying in touch with her loved ones, the foundation for her collection Simple Pleasures was created.

Anna Tsintziropoulos

My name is Anna Tsintziropoulos and I’m an artist/textile designer/maker in Naarm/ Melbourne.  My work is about finding and appreciating the joy in the everyday. I love using bold colours and positive slogans to hopefully make others feel good, and to remind them to enjoy themselves. You will usually find me planning big ideas, making to-do-lists, cooking up a storm and appreciating nature.


My favourite place to paint is in the sun with a cup of earl grey tea, and my favourite colour is orange! If you'd like to have a look at some more of my work, have a browse of my Instagram or send me through an email. I'd love to have a chat!